My script of the film "The Lodger", about domestic violence, became a Finalist at the international festival "Bestlov Film Festival" based in France in the category of short screenplays.

This is the third festival success of the script after "Best Screenplay" award in Italy and a status ofa "Quarter-Finalist"in the United States.

"The Lodger"will be a 10-minute-long film made in 3D computer animation technique, addressed mainly to older viewers, and in its visual style inspired by German Expressionism paintings.

It's time to finally break the silence about domestic violence, a subject which is still underrepresented in the cinema!

I also present six of my quick, concept shots ideas created for the needs of film's huge pre-production, including two previously unreleased.

We still have a lot of work to do on the 3D computer animation process itself. We would happily welcome in our team anyone interested in 3D animation, modelling, or related technical aspects.