After auditions and rehearsals with actors, I organized voice acting recording sessions for the needs of my 3 animated films which I direct.

In July 2022 I met in person with 13 actors at a sound recording studio in Cardiff, where we recorded dialogue tracks of 16 animated characters. Directing, working with a group of actors of various ages and experience, and the technical operation of the studio were a very demanding task for me, but more importantly they were a source of great excitement and satisfaction. It was a wonderful experience and I really hope to repeat it someday when working on my next animated production.

I would like to thank very much all the actors for their amazing dedication to the projects and presented professionalism. Your voice acting performances will not only allow the characters to speak, but also give them a lot of real emotions and life, thanks to which they will be even more effective in awakening the feelings of the viewers.

Also, many thanks to Igor Proskuryakov for being a cinematographer and my assistant again for many hours of recording.