Cardiff Animation Festival

On April 25-28, 2024, I took part in masterclasses and workshops organized by Cardiff Animation Festival. It was a unique opportunity to meet directly with professionals from the animated film and game industries.

It was amazing to talk to Tina Nawrocki - an animator who creates 2D hand drawn animations in a traditional technique, known for her work on the successful game "Cuphead", who is now working on her own short film "Syrenka: Legend of the Warsaw Mermaid".

I also had the pleasure of talking to the legend of British 2D animation, Joanna Quinn, whose animated short film "Affairs of the Art" was nominated for an Oscar in 2022.

I met representatives of the world of stop-motion animation too.

Andy Gent - founder of "Arch Model Studios" and creator of numerous puppets, gave a masterclass during which he talked about the impressive behind-the-scenes of creating characters from the films "Isle of Dogs", "Fantastic Mr Fox", "Frankenweenie" and many more. During the meeting, audience could also see several puppets from the films.

Jamie Stockley, art director at "Factory", led a prop-making workshop, which resulted in the creation of realistic mini-scale cookies. Workshop participants could also see and even touch many other props used by "Factory" and see a puppet depicting Jamie Stockley himself.

During the "Screenshare" event, our student film "Nibbling of the Night", of which I am the director, screenwriter, and character animator, was presented. After the animation screening, I gave a presentation showing the work on the project from behind the scenes. The projection at the festival means that we are fast approaching the long-awaited online screening of the film.

In the meantime, I invite you kindly to visit the film's Instagram profile, where fragments of the animation will be shown regularly.

Thank you very much for a wonderful time spent at this year's Cardiff Animation Festival!