The screenplay of a 10-minute-long 2D animated film we are currently working on,entitled "Celine" was awarded in the "Best Short Film Script" category at the "Wisdom Tree International Film Festival" in Pune, India, in January.

"Celine" will be a 2D computer animation about disability, life in a pandemic and the fear of being rejected. Although it will be computer animation created of digital graphics, the visual style of this film is inspired by watercolour paintings, thanks to which the frames will give the impression of being hand-made.

I am very grateful that as a director of this film I can collaborate in a small, wonderful student team of very skilful artists from Poland and the UK. Our cooperation brings a lot of satisfaction and allows the film to reach a level much higher than when working alone.

Below are a few beautiful artworks created by the team members. Marysia Domańska, Ola Wróbel, James Frith, Nikola Kaczmarska i Justyna Skalska. Big applause for you all!

It is also worth mentioning now that the film features many teenage characters who were voiced by young, talented actors. I have great memories of the time we spent together in the studio during the recording of the English dialogue track! It was a pleasure to be able to cooperate with such amazing cast!

To get to know more about the recordings process, please visit one of the previous posts at the link below:

"Celine" is currently in development and still requires a lot of work to do. We would happily welcome in our team anyone interested in drawing, creating graphics, backgrounds and 2D animation!