On Thursday, December 21, 2023, I visited the Public Primary School of Adela Goszczyńska in Wszebory, where I gave two presentations.

The subject:

"How can the works of the Romantic era inspire us today? Why is it worth getting to know them?"

was intended for grades 7 and 8, and the topic

"Timelessness and cultural value of Greek mythology. Elements of Slavic mythology and folk beliefs as inspirations for poets of the Romantic era."

was addressed to 6th grade students.

I am glad that in addition to my inspirations and favorite texts of culture, I could also share information about my latest animated film "Nibbling of the Night", which will be available to watch for a wider audience in 2024.

Thank you very much for the invitation, careful attention during the classes and interest in the new, upcoming animation.

After conducting the workshops, I also had the opportunity to see from the outside the Cyprian Norwid Museum located in a beautiful palace in Dębinki.