I invite you kindly to watch animated films created by me.

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The film tells a story of a teenage girl in a wheelchair who hides her disability from her online school classmates for fear of being rejected by them.

"Celine" is a touching and uplifting social drama dealing with the problems of disability, loneliness, complexes, adolescence, and desired friendship.

The Lodger

This 3D animation portrays the problem of domestic violence shown from the perspective of a lonely child who befriends an imaginary friend – a monster living in an old wardrobe created from the negative emotions of the household members.

The project aims to break the silence on domestic violence and draw more attention to this still underrepresented subject in cinema.

Nibbling of the Night

The visit of two female vampires in the bedroom of an unhappy middle aged couple in search of a victim changes the fate of a depressed wife addicted to night's gluttony.

A women-empowering story and a black comedy with an inspiring moral, which, under a mask of humour, presents the problem of people lacking strength to introduce changes into their life.

The animation includes references to Gothic literature, and all the characters' dialogues are spoken in rhymes similarly to the stage dramas from the Romantic era.

The execution of memory

The film is a metaphorical story about the "demons of the past" and the fight that must be taken to be ableto free ourselves from them.

The animation is a screen adaptation of Jerzy Ficowski's poem underthe same title from the poetry volume "A Reading of Ashes", that is devoted to the subject of the Holocaust and World War II.

The poetry volume was published on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.


An adaptation of the poem by Adam Mickiewicz under the same title published in 1823, as a text preceding the drama "Forefathers’ Eve" part II and "Forefathers’ Eve" part IV.

It is a touching story that in a poetic and dreamy way tells about an un happy love stronger than death.

I created the film in the traditional technique of stop motion puppet animation, which made it possible to give the film's world extraordinary plasticity and aesthetics.

The Master and Margarita

This animation in a form of a trailer is an expression of admiration for the Mikhail Bulgakov' masterpiece presenting threads that we can find and explore in "The Master and Margarita" novel.

At the same time, it shows how inspiring and imagination stimulating can be the reading of this extraordinary book.

The Mystery of the Moonflower

It is a story inspired by the ballad "The Lady of Lake Świteź" and other works of the Romantic era, containing motifs appearing in Slavic mythology, legends and folk tales.

This animation is also a visualization of a piece of music by Bartosz Chajdecki entitled "Gorato czyli wariacje na temat FASDESA", which was composed before the film was created. Thanks to this, each sound finds its reflection in what we see on the screen.

Lignum Love

The film consists of symbolic images that present love on three different levels, in three different aspects.

As the first – love that we can see in the nature surrounding us. Thanks to her a new life is created and there is peace and harmony.

As the second – interpersonal love, to a beloved person. This love is the key to happiness on our way of life and makes us feel needed and fulfilled.

As the third – human love for nature, of which we are part, although we forget about it so often. We cannot live without this love, we owe it our existence and we will come back to it to connect with it forever when we go all the way in our life. Without this love, we could not exist, we need it to live in harmony with the world around us.

The film also contains reflection about the transience.

One life gives birth to a new one. Life, death, people, trees, we all are connected to each other and form one common circle.

Arachne. Not a spider story.

The picture is the screen adaptation of the myth about Arachne. However, it does not present the story in a traditional way, but rather puts a new face to the myth that brings deep content that can help young people in a different perception of the world.

The myth of Arachne is not just a simple story about spiders, but an image showing an important social problem of excessive competition called the "rat race" that is often observed among young people. Sometimes it leads to an irreversible tragedy.


This documentary film tells the story of a woman whose passion is, as she calls it, "playing God".

What is it? This is not about God the Father. Perhaps it would be better to say a goddess – a creator or perhaps the goddess of beauty – Venus?

The picture also shows that age does not have to be a restriction and reconciliation of passion with work is possible.