Nibbling of the Night

Suzy and Billy are an unhappy middle-aged couple whose affection has long faded away. Suzy feels used by her careless husband, enslaved by the role of a subordinate housewife. She escapes from her worries and loneliness into addiction of night's gluttony, spending nights next to the kitchen’s refrigerator. However, one night, her depressing fate is going to change thanks to a visit of two female vampires, who become for her a model of the strong, independent, and emancipated woman she always wanted to be.

"Nibbling of the Night" is a women-empowering story and a black comedy with an inspiring moral, which, under a mask of humour, presents the problem of people lacking strength to introduce changes into their life.

The animation includes references to Gothic literature, and all the characters' dialogues are spoken in rhymes similarly to the stage dramas from the Romantic era.

The film was made using the classic stop-motion puppet animation technique.

This is a working poster.

Festival history:

  • "Best Student Short Film Script" Award at the "Wisdom Three International Film Festival" in Pune, India (2023)
  • Qualification for the international film festival "Urbanite Arts & Film Festival" in the category "Short Screenplay – 10 page maximum", in New York, USA (2023)
  • Status of a "Semi-Finalist" at the international film festival "Rewind International Film Festival" in the UK (2024)
  • Qualification for the international film festival "Animated Expressions Expo" in France (2023)