Designing Greek mythology Medusa

A series of graphics presenting my creative process of designing character of Greek mythology Medusaand her cave environment.

The perception of Medusa changed and evolved depending on place and time. The most common version is that Medusa, once a beautiful woman, was turned by the goddess Athena into a monster with venomous snakes instead of hair, and anyone who looked into her eyes turned to stone.

It was supposed to be an unjust punishment for a sacrilegious love affair with Poseidon that angered the goddess. For this reason, Medusa is often presented as a wrongfully harmed victim, while her more monstrous depictions, apart from her serpentine hair, show her as a dreadful creature with limbs made of bronze, wings of gold and boar's tusks.

Final design of Greek mythology Medusa

Final design of Medusa's environments: cave seen from outside and inside

Reflections on the Medusa character and my artwork

Graphics depicting my gradual design process