I am happy with the achievement of "The execution of memory" - my animated film was awarded 3rd place at the "Kozzi Gangsta Film Festival" in Kargowa in the "Promotional film" category showcasing films with a pro-social value, related to the reconstructions of identities of communities.


I cordially invite you to watch "The execution of memory":


If my film touches you emotionally and you find it valuable, please share the link to it with an interested person. Due to its length and subject matter, "The execution of memory" does not always find a place at film festivals, although it has a special place in my heart, and its production took 7 months.

However, I must also admit that compared to the 3 new animated films that I currently work on, these 7 months were not such a long time. All new films' premieres are postponed to 2023. However, I believe that this is the right decision, and the visibly increasing quality of the materials confirms me in this belief.