My script of the film "The Lodger”, 3D computer animation, which is currently in development, became a winner in the "Best Screenplay" category at the "4theatre selection" film festival based in Rome, Italy.

I am very happy about the success of the script, especially that it was the festival itself that reached out to me asking for the opportunity to preview the material, and then proposed submitting it to the competition.

The premiere of the film "The Lodger" is planned for 2023. It will be a 10-minute-long 3D computer animation about domestic violence telling its story from a distorted perspective of a child. The film is going to be addressed mainly to older viewers, with a visual style inspired by German Expressionism paintings, including the disturbing visions of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

It's time to finally break the silence about domestic violence, a subject which is still underrepresented in the cinema.


I also present my four quick concept shots ideas created for the needs of film's huge pre-production.

We still have a lot of work to do on the 3D computer animation process itself. We would happily welcome in our team anyone interested in 3D animation, modelling, or related technical aspects.