On Friday, January 5, 2024, something wonderful happened: we recorded Polish dubbing for our animated film "Nibbling of the Night".

As a director and screenwriter I had the great pleasure of working with talented students of the Warsaw Film School.

Excellent actresses Sandra Senusi and Wanesa Stefaniak lent their voices to Lucrezia and Camilla with charismatic energy, creating a vampire duo.

The main role of Suzy, addicted to late night gluttony, was played by the remarkable Małgorzata Tomorowicz-Malińska, who has many years of experience in working with dubbing and translating character dialogues.

The film's Narrator was amazing Marek Brodzki – a wonderful director and lecturer at the Warsaw Film School with versatile film skills.

Many thanks also go to our hardworking sound engineer, Miłosz Lau, a sound creation student, who operated the studio with great professionalism and patience.

The hours of recording spent in the studio passed in a pleasant atmosphere and brought fantastic results. We experienced a lot of great positive energy and enjoyed our cooperation deeply.

Such moments of satisfaction make the effort put into the independent production and animation of the film rewarded. Thank you very much for your fruitful cooperation and help in organizing the recordings!

Before the recordings sessions, there was a casting and rehearsal stage to go through. The possibility of providing Polish dubbing for animated characters met with great interest, and as a result, I auditioned many actresses and actors whose voice acting and interpretation of dialogues made a huge impression on me.

Thank you very much to Everyone who took part in the casting! I hope to meet you again during auditions for two upcoming projects and future collaborations.

The roles of the Vampire Sisters: Lucrezia and Camilla met with particularly big interest.

Casting for ther voices had a challenge of creating a coherent duo of twins.

Sandra Senusi and Wanesa Stefaniak played the sisters perfectly, and the opportunity to record their parts together in the studio helped to convey the naturalness and independent character of the vampires even more.