Photobook "Midnight Ghost Diary"

The photobook entitled "Midnight Ghost Diary" is a diary covering a period of 14 days, narrated by the Midnight Ghost, who is a lost soul living at the bottom of the pond. This conceptual project includes oneiric photos and short poems by me. You can also find in them references to the Romantic era or "The Master and Margarita" written by Mikhail Bulgakov and my animated film "Lignum Love".

I hope that it will stimulate your imagination and encourage you to discover the uniqueness and magic in the surrounding, seemingly ordinary places.

The photobook was created in two different versions: handmade and digital, and the photos it contains were taken in the Old Italy – a district of Warsaw.

I invite you kindly to watch a video exploring my handmade photobook and its poetic verses hidden behind folded pieces of paper:

Photographs inside the photobook, in the order of appearance:

I also invite you kindly to see the pages of the digital version of the photobook:

If you like this type of conceptual works, I encourage you to see the equally mysterious photobook "All Ghosts of Old Italy" and the series of photos "Wandering through Old Italy". The "Midnight Ghost Diary" creates a form of introduction to them.