I invite you kindly to see photographs taken by me.

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A series of pictorial photographs

Pictures inspired by the artistic photography movement of pictorialismfrom the first years of the 20th century, subjected to artistic processing to resemble a painting, drawing or graphic art.

Surreal photography "Water Oculus"

Artistic photo of a real place where human-built architecture meets the element of water.

Photobook "Midnight Ghost Diary"

A diary covering a period of 14 days, narrated by the Midnight Ghost, who is a lost soul living at the bottom of the pond. The project contains oneiric photos and short poems by me, and its character is inspired by romanticism.

Photobook "All Ghosts of Old Italy"

A series of photos showing places located in the Old Italy, district of Warsaw, characterized by a specific atmosphere and a certain unusualness. It can be said that they have their own "ghosts" and it is these "ghosts" – the mood and atmosphere of presented places – that the project tells about.

Wandering through Old Italy

A series of photographs showing the beauty of Warsaw's Old Italy district: its natural, austere and magical type.