The "Scout Film Festival" in Boston, USA, has recently ended, and with it the "Emerging Filmmakers Grant" competition, to which young filmmakers can submit their films as works in progress to compete for a $5000 grant for the implementation of their projects.

I submitted to the competition materials from a 10-minute 3D animated film, which I am currently working on entitled "The Lodger" – a story about domestic violence, inspired in its visual style by German Expressionism paintings. Although the project was not a laureate and we will not receive any financial support for its further implementation, I am happy that out of over 500 submitted films, "The Lodger" received a status of a "Quarter-Finalist".

On this occasion, I would like to thank wholeheartedly all the wonderful film crew with whom I have had the pleasure of working so far, creating "The Lodger" as a director, screenwriter, and animator. Thank you all for your commitment and I believe that our hard work will be appreciated by the viewers.


The premiere of the film is planned for 2023. We still have a lot of work to do on the animation process. We would happily welcome in our team anyone interested in 3D animation, modelling, or related technical aspects.

I also present two previously unpublished working concept posters for "The Lodger". It's time to finally break the silence about domestic violence!